Quality Assurance

Active & Coupling agent description


Product name Product specifications
ZnO A grade、special grade、High activity 98%、Transparent zinc carbonate、Pre-dispersion plaster.
ZEV Transparency、physical mastication usage、high anti-sulfide reduction、improved rubber aging and vulcanization at high temp.、improved rubber ahesion.
MgO Konoshima Japan、High iodine、high activity、improved crosslink strength.
CC Organic acid coupling agent White、used in filler of surface treatment、Water absorbtion reduced、increase the amount of reinforcement、improved flow parting.
DD Resin acid coupling agent Yellowish brown、used in filler of surface treatment、water absorbtion reduced、increase the amount of reinforcement、mixing time reduced、improved adhesion.
AL-450 Activators  white smoke activator、longer safety burning period、Blooming prevention.
PEG3350、4000 Activators white smoke activator、improved flow parting、Fast sulfur adding speed
SI-69 Silane coupling Agent improved abresion resistancce、crosslink strength、great physical properties.
S2640 Silane coupling Agent longer safety burning period、low Mooney viscosity、better heat resistance.
VTMOEO Silane high heat resistance、 low compression set、good insulation、Low discoloration、Surface treatment agent of aluminum magnesium hydroxide.
Stearic Acid Animal oil CAMELLIA、560-2、4909,vegetable oil 1810、1806、1801、1865、301、401