Quality Assurance

Flowing promoter agent description


Product name Product specifications
AFLOW-FL reduced refining time and mooney viscosity、smooth and flat surface.
Zinc stearate、Calcium stearate、Magnesium stearate widely used flowing agent.
OR Anti-sticking agent Melting point 73、surface anti-sticking、easily Blooming、could be used as anti blocking agent
EVA3 Melting point 112、food grade FDA、High polarity、not easy to affect adhesion.
AC617A、PE-520 FDA food grade、bright surface、good flow exhaust
OA2 Oxidized Polyethylene Wax  Melting point 112、food grade FDA、Mid/high polarity、high heat resistance、highly transparent、bright surface.
FONCEPI Carnauba wax Melting point 86、high heat resistance、high hardness、Good scratch resistance、dedicated by fluororubber.
FARMIN-80 Same product 18D by KAO japan、dedicated by Acrylic  and fluoride glue.
EBS H-50S Melting point 146、high heat resistance、good parting、widely used flow aids.
LUWAX E Melting point 85、FDA food grade、high lolarity、high heat resistance、highly transparent.
K-175 processing aid FDA food grade、impact modified resistance、high polarity、high heat resistance、highly transparent、Improved efficiency of plastics.
AFLOW-E10 great hardness、high transparecy、bright surface、good adhesion、no blooming、Improved efficiency of plastics.、improved amount of filler、improved dimensional stability.
AZ-97 Anti-sticking agent white paste、could be used in fabricating、good stack
GE-704 Anti-sticking agent White liquid、used in fabricating、no powdery after drying, will not float around.
MEM-0039 Release agent 38% Silicone release agent by dow corning,high heat resistance、low pollution.