Quality Assurance

Special chemicals description

Product name Product specifications
E-100 Polymer modifer Desulfurization free、lower mooney、flat surface.
Tackifying resin 1102、1315、5400、GA100、YL90、W100
SUMITOMO 12686、12687 good heat resistance、good fluidity、high hardness、high reinforcement、improved adhesion.
FE2、H95 Antistatic agent Surface moisture reaction type、add less than 1~ 2%、easily affect transparency.
A401PS Ammonia removal agent Alkaline special porous structure causing Cation exchange,Neutralize ammonia, chlorine, acid, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, formamide、smells…etc
NX8000 Reinforcing agent improved tranparency、rigidity、thermal dformation
temp.、reduce producing cycle.
RUBBER THROW BAG low melting point 84、accurate and convenient for scale、improved production efficiency、lowering dusts and human error.