Quality Assurance

Flame retardant description

Product name Product specifications
S52、E50T Chlorinated paraffin widely used Retardant plasticizer、medium chain conformed with REACH Environmental protection approval
REFOS-65、R-350 Phosphate ester Environmental Retardant plasticizer、harogen free、oil discharge、hardness reduced.
Zinc Borate Flame retardant and smoke suppression synergist、Low cost、ability of preventing mold.
O3Sb2 Antimony trioxide purity 99.8%、low consumption、widely used Retardant.
FR1410 Decabromodiphenylethane Melting point 340、ROHS standard conformed、high temp. resistance、hard to bloom.
H42M、H710 Aluminum hydroxide
UD-650、S-7 Magnesium hydroxide
The initial thermal decomposition temperature of aluminum hydroxide is 200 ° C、The thermal decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is 300 ° C、easy to absorb water、Agglomeration must comply with the surface treatment agent.