Quality Assurance

Processing oil、Plasticizer description

Product name Product specifications
TF-990 Mid temp. resistance、widely used environmental plasticizer
ANB-920 Mid temp. resistance、Fast gelation speed、good compatibility、Mold prevent,REACH conformed
MBP Mid temp. resistance、food grade、Super fast gelation speed、good compatibility、replacement of DBP、Good adhesion
MESAMOLL High temp. resistance、Super fast gelation speed、good compatibility、high stability、replacement of DBP
RS-107 Low/High temp. resistance、high stability、Extraction resistance、replacement of TP-95
RS-735 Ultra low/high temp. resistance、high stablity、extraction resistance、replacement of TP-759
GT-830 Ultra high temp. resistance、Ultra-high viscosity、extraction resistance、replacement of flourine oil、dedicated by FKM.
P-300 Mid temp. resistance,environmental test PAHS approved
E-80A Mid temp. resistance,environmental test PAHS approved,transparent, yellowing resistance、high compatibility,replacement of conventional naphthenic oil.
P-500 High temp. resistance、high viscosity,dedicated by EPDM、replacement of 2280
PB(Polybutylene) High temp. resistance、food grade、high viscosity、Adhesion、Air tightness、use on IIR、EPDM recommended.
2008(Polyolefin) Low/High temp. resistance、food grade、low viscosity、Easy to process、use on IIR、EPDM recommended.