Quality Assurance

Antioxidants description

Product name Product specifications
BHT LANXESS、widely used of light-colored antioxidants
Antioxidant 445 White amines、high temp. resistance、extraction resistance.
SP、351、AS-4500 Liquid、transparent、no blooming
1010、1076 White amines、high heat resistance、widely used.
ZMTI dedicated by Peroxides、does not crosslink.
Octamine、OD、AS Brown Amines、use in CR recommended
22M46、CPL White amines、yellowing resistance、good heat resistance、Used in Latex and medical products recommended.
8031 Paraffin wax Melting point 80, Granular Wax、good ozone resistance、same as 654 munfactured by REPSOL Europe.
770 Ultraviolet absorbent Melting point 86、white powdery、widely used