Quality Assurance

Crosslinking agent description

Product name Product specifications
S-80 Sulfur masterbatch will not float around、easy to operate、sulfur spot free
MC-2 Sulfur Good dispersion for surface treatment,NBR、ACM recommended.
HVA-2 Multi-function auxiliary agent  Great anti-sulfide reduction,NR、CR、CSM recommended.
NS、KS  SOAP Powdery、crosslink agent for KAO soaps, ACM recommended.
CH (Calcium hydroxide) Packed with aluminum foil carton, 10 boxes/kg, FKM recommended.
DIAK#1 Powdery、compression set,AEM、ECO、FKM recommended.
TETA vulcanizing agent  liquid、fast crosslink does not bloom, ACM、AEM、ECO recommended.
TCYvulcanizing agent  no post curing required、ultra low compression set, Chlorinated rubber recommended.
Perkadox BC(DCP) Granular、mid-temp.、Odoriferous、Good physical properties,widely used crosslink agent.
C79 Peroxide Liquid、low temp.、odorless and environmental friendly、replacement of 3M、good heat tearing.
Perkadox 14 Granular、Mid/high temp.、odorless、easy to blooming,widely used crosslink agent.
Trigonox 101 Liquid、high temp.、odorless and environmental friendly、discoloration resistance、no blooming.